Sunday, February 3, 2013

i can't have a bunny, but...

There's nothing that says, "This is MY house now" as quickly or easily as painting a room. Last week we picked three colors from our DIY paint deck, made a quick (HAHA) trip to Lowe's and bought samples.

Up went the three choices: Soft Rabbit Brown, Summer Sparrow and Magnet Dapple (all by Valspar). Care to guess who painted which samples? Mine's on the left. The mood we were going for was dark, warm and cozy. We spend our evenings in here watching TV or playing video games, and that just seems to call for a dark room.

It didn't take us long to come up with the winner, Soft Rabbit Brown, which was my favorite from the get-go. It didn't take us long on Saturday to empty the bookcases, push the furniture into the center of the room and remove the artwork. While Brian took Joey to DayCamp, I taped off the room and then we got started.

Within an afternoon our room was painted, dry and back to normal. We are IN LOVE with the room.



We would like to pull up the carpet to reveal the hardwood floors underneath, and maybe put a nice plush rug down, but that's a project for another weekend. At night this room is exactly what we wanted and to us, that's a DIY success.

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