Thursday, July 25, 2013

getting the beige out

Another painting project can be checked off: the living room. We used Valspar Ultra in Lighthouse Shadows and are in love it.

It's a nice soft blue with a touch of gray, which pairs really well with the orangey red oak floors. 

It's amazing how much brighter the room feels now, too. It feels clean and fresh and OURS.

We still need to paint the ceiling, which is the same beige the walls used to be. Thankfully this is the only room (and hall) that needs to have the ceiling redone. To help the crown stand out - and to keep us from having to redo all the ceilings so they're the same white - we're going to do a half-tint of the lightest color on the paint sample: 

Once that's done, we'll begin the daunting task of repainting all the trim in the house, room by room. I love the idea of crisp, white, glossy trim.

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